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Headin' out to San Francisco...

really it's San Rafael

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I started picking up those strange vibrations again, the peeps were packing up their duffle bags and arranging their travel boxes. However, they were just straightening up the hotel room. They wanted to drive to Agness, Oregon and enjoy the scenic Rogue River valley. You know me, I'm ready for any trip in the car just as long as I'm with my peeps.

The trip to Agness, OR was on a very curvy road thru a dense forest. Even though it followed the Rogue River the trees were so thick only on rare occasions could you see the river. I think Bob was a little disappointed in the drive since he didn't find many photographic sites. Once we arrived in Agness I was out of the car like a bullet, the car ride had stirred up my bladder and I needed to find a tree. Kryss could hardly control me. Bob had a similar issue and the one of the locals pointed out the public facilities to him. I think my tree was a better deal. IMG_20140617_124225_903.jpg

The trip back to Gold Beach was more interesting. We stopped at Cougar Landing Lodge and Restaurant for lunch. They specialize in bar-b-que and we were all concerned if they would having anything on menu that Kryss would like. She's a veggiebaconeater and is very selective regarding her diet. Whoa, were we surprised, she had the best veggie burger she had ever had. It wasn't one of those freeze dried pieces of who-knows-what, sold by the food wholesalers, it was a delicious homemade veggie burger made with black beans, quinoa and some other healthy stuff. Then it was layered with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles. It makes me hungry just writing about it. Oh yeah, Bob had a brisket sandwich with cold slaw and he was happy too.

We spotted a couple of osprey nests along the way back to Gold Beach and stopped to photograph the birds. There was at least one baby in the nest and the parents were busy flying around getting food and adding twigs and branches to the nest. Bob got some cool shots. Sometimes I wonder if those big birds would swoop down and try to get me. One of the osprey had snagged a lamprey eel from the river and was having fresh sushi while the other was busy looking after the baby.IMG_7671e_edited-1.jpgIMG_7561e_edited-2.jpg

When we got back to the hotel Kryss and I took a walk/run on the beach. It was a blast, I really love the freedom of running on the beach plus there is so much to see, to smell and to watch. I think I would like to live all the time on a beach. This beach has a very cool lighthouse but it isn't in use. Visitors to the lighthouse leave painted rocks at the base of the building which adds to the local lore and traditions. I didn't have any paints so I couldn't leave a rock but I left my scent for future reference. IMG_7701e_..ed_edited-1.jpg

The next day the peeps started loading the car, Bob was singing "Heading out to San Francisco". I couldn't figure out what having your hush puppies on was all about. I haven't met any hush puppies and sometimes people call me a cute puppy but one of these days I'll get it. We're really going to San Rafael, CA which is in the San Francisco area, I just think Bob likes that song. The Hislop's, Rob and Leah, (son and daughter-in-law) live there with their cat, Nyquist. What is a cat? I've been advised to leave the cat alone, he's all black, seventeen years old and very set in his ways.

We drove along the Oregon and California coast on highway 101, very scenic. Lots of beautiful coastline and large redwood trees. A dog's delight. The trip took about seven hours and when we got to San Rafael we were ready to relax. The peeps unloaded the car, I went in search of the cat. To no avail, Nyquist must be a stealth cat. According to Rob, the cat hides under the bed, in a special closet and sometimes buried under the covers in a bed. I will keep searching, I really want to meet this cat.

The peeps mail was waiting for them at Rob and Leah's home. Kryss's sister Kate was forwarding their mail each week, nothing very exciting but there was a box from one of Bob's buddy's. Opening the box, Bob was surprised by the gift, it was a new baseball hat and three miniatures of Famous Grouse, Bob's favorite Scotch. IMG_20140621_095511_115e.jpg What a cool gift. Bob's friend had been in Scotland last month and bought it for him as a surprise gift. Thanks to PTB-T.

Rob and Leah Hislop have a new home in San Rafael which they are very excited about. They like it so much they are already planning various remodels to the master bedroom, bath, and patio. The house was built in the 1970's and an engineer/architect have been working with them on this project. Maybe the next time we come back it will all be finished.

We went on a hike yesterday, out to Marin Point. It was a military base but now it is a national recreation area run by the NPS. It was cold and windy on the hike but we had a cool foggy view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Bob even got a picture of Rob and Leah for the trip album. IMG_7763e_edited-1.jpgAfter the hike the peeps went to a wine and art show in a nearby town. I was left at home because they didn't know the dog rules for the town but afterward said I could have gone. Sometimes the peeps forget that dogs rule!

The peeps are packing and doing laundry again. I wonder what's up...are we hitting the road again and where's that cat? Happy Tales to you.

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Tashi it sounds like you and your peeps are having a great time. I thinks about you all quite often so thank you for keeping us posted. Oh, tell Bob that I saw a bald eagle just east of the Super 8 in Fruita the other morning on my way to work. Maybe it was one of his pals looking for him!

by Sally Edg

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