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The Wedding

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Hello dear readers. I'm sorry I've been so lax in reporting my adventures with the peeps, but it has been a crazy time. After returning to Grove, OK we stayed a few days shorter than expected to return to Colorado. The peeps had planned to spent a few extra days in the Denver area to visit some friends they hadn't seen in quite some time plus attend a couple football games.

A quick stop in Fruita, CO to pick up "Montana wedding clothes" from the peep's storage units was necessary since they needed some jeans and long sleeve shirts. The peeps unloaded some of their extra clothes and added my travel crate to the back of their SUV. They want me to get use to traveling in it so I won't be nervous on the flight to Panama. I still like to ride on Kryss's lap most of the time, but I'll ride in the crate when I have to.

The day we arrived in Montana it was cold and raining. Needless to say there was a lot of discussion about the weather affecting the outdoor wedding, but the future casts by the weather guessers indicated the next five days were going to be warm and sunny. The peep's nephew Ryan Thompson was the groom and his parents Rich and Sally were the hosts.

I had a fantastic time. The first night's party at the Thompson house had about twenty humans and six canines. There was a Lab, two Springer Spaniels, a spotted English setter, a full size Golden Doodle and me, a mini Golden Doodle. Dawg, did we have a fun, we chased each other around the house, on to the back deck, out in the yard and back into the house. IMG_8923e_edited-1.jpgThis was just the best time ever. I think I'm a very well socialized dog; not only do I love my peeps but hanging with other canines is fantastic. I learned a few new tricks from the other dogs. They taught me that eating food that humans drop on the floor is a tasty delight. I'd never done that before, bits of chicken, steak, and bread crumbs are delicious. My peeps weren't very happy about it but didn't scolded me in public.

The next day more of the guests started arriving, I met so many new humans I could hardly remember their names. However, they all liked me. I got petted so much that I thought I was a celebrity. Bob was a little grumpy in the morning, he had requested over a year ago a very specific cabin at West Glacier Raft Co. When we checked in we didn't get the cabin he had reserved. The WGRC has new management and their incompetence is totally unbelievable. After bitching a little bit he got over it because there was just too much fun to be had and not to be happy. The day started with the guys going deer stalking with a sling shot in the woods and the girls having a southern style brides luncheon. Everyone had fun, but once again I was left behind in the cabin. IMG_8978e_edited-2.jpgIMG_8993_edited-1.jpgIMG_9000e_edited-1.jpgIMG_8950e_edited-2.jpg That evening was the cruise on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park and then hamburgers and brats at Big John and Jean Hislop's cabin. They fed about 50 people, lots of food, booze and fun.

On Friday the peeps took me on a short trip up to Polebridge, Montana. It is the last outpost before the Canadian border with Montana and the USA. The Polebridge Mercantile is about a hundred year old building that is somewhat of a historical landmark for the area.IMG_9003e.jpg The peeps walked around the area, took a few photos and then headed back toward West Glacier. It was a very relaxing trip and fun to be with just my peeps after a couple days of many humans. We got back to our cabin just in time for the peeps to help Sally with some of the final arrangements for the western bbq rehearsal dinner, she was running in so many different directions I couldn't keep track of her. I had to stay behind in the cabin while the peeps went to Glacier Campground and set up the huckleberry jam gift table and tied cowboy scarves in a knot for all the guests. The peeps came back and changed into their western duds and told me I had to stay in cabin for this party. I really didn't care, I was still exhausted from all the great play time the previous nights . When they came back from the bbq they talked about the great time with family, friends, the outstanding food, the music and the bride to be's cool family.


Wow, now it is wedding day, the reason for the trip. I'm was really getting excited about seeing this event. Two cool families uniting, lots of friends to help celebrate, my canine friends were everywhere and then the peeps dropped the hammer. I couldn't go, only Betty the bride and groom's full sized Golden Doodle was invited. I'm was major leagued bummed but the peeps promised they would take me to the post wedding morning breakfast on Sunday. So I curled up on their bed and took a nap. Later that night they come back to the cabin laughing and talking about the great time they had. The weather was great, the bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome and everyone had a great time.

The Sunday brunch started at 10am and we were late. The peeps slept in after a party night, but I was ready to go at 7am. By the time we got to the brunch the eggs were gone but there were some huckleberry filled muffins, bloody Mary's and lots of pies. Bob was in heaven sampling pies, he should be a judge at county fairs. The new Mr. and Mrs. Thompson didn't have a wedding cake, instead they had pies and all their friends brought different pies to the wedding. Plenty were left over for the brunch. However, they had a Montana wedding cake with a very special topper just for tradition. Their Montana wedding cake was sections of birch trees tiered to resemble a traditional cake with a 1942 bride and groom topper. This topper was first used at Bob, John, Sally, Jim, Colin and Dan Hislop's parents wedding and it has been used in family weddings ever since. Betty and I had a great time checking out the floor crumbs, they were so hard to resist, and then rolled in the grass. Hanging with Betty was such a blast I can't wait to get back to Montana and see her again.IMG_9364e_edited-1.jpgIMG_9371e_edited-1.jpg That night the family got together for dinner and a few adult beverages, we stayed up way too late and finally went to bed about midnight. IMG_9387e_edited-1.jpg

We're going back to Colorado for a re-supply in Fruita. All the things we need for Panama are getting loaded in the SUV, non-Panama gear is being unloaded and left in the storage unit. From there we're going to Texas for about three weeks and then to Panama. This trip just gets better and better. Happy Tails to you...

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I love Tashi...and her parents too! Looks like a lot of fun was had at that beautiful wedding, looking forward to meeting you in Panama!

by Barbara Death

Tashi, it was great having you and your peeps at Ryan and Caitlin's wedding in Glacier Park. Yes, weather was great and gatherings were so fun and supportive to bride and groom.
Great pic's by your pop peep and we look forward to your report on Launch to Panama. Best doggy treats to Ya! Love, Rich and Sal

by Rich & Sally Thompson

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