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Hi Y'all, it's been a while since I've had time to write. The peeps and I have been cruising around Texas checking out the Lone Star State. We've been here almost three weeks visiting some very cool places and seeing family and old friends. IMG_9483e.jpg

We drove from Aurora, CO to Childress, TX for our first night in Texas. Lots of wide open spaces, no traffic and plenty of rain. The next day we made it to The Woodlands, TX to visit our friends Ryan and Victoria Gunyan and their two beautiful babies Palmer and Rogan. They used to be neighbors in Fruita and I was really looking forward to playing with their beagles Chloe and Trina. The first thing those beagles did was try to take my food, talk about greedy little pups you would think they had never been fed. The peeps moved my food dish to their bedroom but if the peeps left the bedroom door open my food was gone. Ryan Gunyan is a Chiropractor at Abundant Life Chiropractic, it is the best and busiest chiropractic office in Texas The peeps had fun with the Gunyon's going out to a great salad bar/restaurant one night and some good Tex-Mex the next night. The Gunyon's showed us around the The Woodlands and were great travel/real estate agents for the area. Palmer and Rogan decided that the peeps were going to be their adopted grandparents and the peeps accepted the adoption.IMG_9543e_edited-2.jpgIMG_9408e_edited-1.jpg

After visiting the Gunyon's for a few days we took off for Corpus Christi with a stop in Victoria. Victoria didn't light up anybody so we headed to Corpus a little earlier than expected. We used Corpus as our base, staying on Padre Island, making day trips throughout the area. Every evening near sunset we went to the beach to watch the waves, enjoy a picnic dinner and my favorite...rolling in the sand. IMG_9449e.jpgI would roll around, scratch my back with the sand, bury my nose in the wet sand near the water's edge then stand in front of the peeps and shake like crazy...sand went everywhere. Kryss didn't like me rolling in the sand, she said it makes too much of a mess. I loved it! Also, it was my second birthday in Corpus, we celebrated at the beach with a special treat from Sprout's.IMG_9458e.jpg

Corpus Christi was a bust for us. The peeps weren't all that excited about the area after visiting it for four days. We took off for San Antonio and places near by with an open mind and a need to do some business in San Antonio. Kryss had a client to see and Bob had to do some banking. All was very successful. You know, you can't come to San Antonio without visiting the Alamo. We went to that very historic site. I got to walk around those hallowed rooms and hear about all those famous Texans who died fighting for independence/freedom. IMG_9463e_edited-1.jpg After the Alamo visit we went to the San Antonio river walk to continue our sightseeing. Walked up and down both sides of the river and picked a place for lunch; if you aren't into bbq, fried chicken, beef or pasta the pickings are pretty slim, but then we're in Texas. We stayed in San Antonio an extra night, mostly because we liked our hotel, the Drury Inn, then headed to the Austin area. All the way to Austin it rained cats and dogs, not really just lots of cats. Finally as we neared Buda, TX the weather cleared up.

The peeps and I stayed with their nephew and his wife (Eric and Angie Gubser) in Buda for a couple of nights. They have a dog named Chubs who was an instant buddy. We played in the backyard, tumbled in the grass, chased tennis balls and had a great time burning up energy. Eric was working most of the time we were in Buda so Angie and Aubrey (their daughter) were our tour guides. Aubrey has really grown up and the peeps were impressed by her maturity, beauty and humor. IMG_9479e_80_81_fused.jpgThis area of Texas is called the hill country, but there are some beautiful lakes in the hills, I think the peeps might have found an area they would consider living. We went into Austin on Sunday morning for brunch and ice cream.IMG_9468e_edited-1.jpg Austin is a very vibrant area with lots to do, everyone loved their ice cream from Lick's and their visit to Austin. We also went to Waverly, Canyon Lake and a few other smaller towns in the area. The peeps said this area has a lot of potential, whatever that means.

On the day we left the Austin area, the peeps and I had breakfast with Bob's friend and former employer, JP and Eloise DeJoria at their home. I met their dogs but we really didn't get to play, mostly just sniffing, because they stayed outside while we were inside visiting and having breakfast. The peeps got caught up with JP and Eloise and after a couple hours of visiting we headed to the Texas Secretary of State's office to get an apositle on one of their documents for Panama. Fifteen dollars and fifteen minutes later we were on the road back to The Woodlands and the Gunyon's residence. We got to the Gunyon's later in the afternoon and Clhoe and Trina welcomed me with open paws. I think they like me because of my food.

The peeps had a lot to do while in The Woodlands this time. Bob got the car detailed and then I had to get my physical for Panama. The car really got cleaned up well and then Bob announced he was going to put it on Craig's list and sell it. That was a surprise to me, but Kryss already knew about it so it was no big deal. Bob also put the car on a couple of other car selling sites and then we went to the veterinarian for my physical. I passed with flying colors. The girls that worked in the vet's office loved me, said I was beautiful and smart. The vet completed my international health certificate and sent it off to Austin for the USDA seal of approval.

Bob started getting offers on the Pathfinder within twenty four hours of putting it on Craig's list. He sold it Wednesday evening and was very happy with the selling price. I had no idea what we were going to travel in but Bob said he was going to rent a car for a week and turn it in right before we go to Panama. The peeps rented a nice SUV and when I got in it my airplane crate was assembled and I had to travel in the crate. The peeps said it would help me get use to traveling on the airplane. Riding in the crate hasn't been bad, I think I'll be able to make the trip to Panama with no problems.

The vet's office called on Friday morning with the approved international health certificate so the peeps picked it up and then we headed to Lake Livingston, TX. The peeps wanted to visit that area and the Lake Conroe area before leaving Texas. Lake Livingston was great, a beautiful lake with tree covered acres surrounding the lake. IMG_9535e.jpgThe peeps plan on returning to this area for a more in depth search after Panama. We left Livingston with the threat of a huge rain storm and as we left the area the power went out caused by a downed power line. However, we made it to Houston without any problems. We had to stop at the Panamanian Consulate to get an apositle on my international health certificate. That was easy, but the rain storm caught up with us. The peeps parked their car in a Costco lot and waited out the storm.

After the storm subsided we drove out of Houston and headed to the Conroe/Montgomery area as the peeps continued their search. Found some interesting areas and homes but nothing that seemed to light them up.

Tomorrow we leave for Panama. The great road trip around the US is over and now a new one will start. I will send one more Tale from Panama and then the peeps will need to start a new one. We'll have wheels up at 8:46am on Oct 9, 2014 from George Bush International Airport, Houston, TX arriving in Panama City, Panama at 12:56pm. Thanks for reading my tales and happy tales to you.

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