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Hola Panama

I made it...wow!

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Buenos Tardes mi amigos (Good afternoon my friends)...I made it to Panama, what an experience. IMG_9554e_edited-1.jpg

We had to be at the United Airlines Cargo (Pet Care) area at 5am on the 9th. I don't usually get up until six, with Bob, but waking up at 4am was my first new experience. When we arrived at the UAL cargo area Bob filled out all the paper work and paid for my flight. Kryss took me for one more walk. Little did I know that this would be my last potty break until Panama. Then, before the peeps left I had to get into my travel crate. I could feel the stress the peeps had leaving me with the UAL folks but everything was ok. I was a little scared being around all these new people, alone in my crate, next to a crate of flying squirrels. Why would they need an airplane ride they can fly? The UAL folks were good to me, they gave me ice chips to suck and chew on plus they let me keep mom's t-shirt and my bed in the crate. That really helped reduce my stress. The peeps left me at about 5:45am because they had to return the rental car and check in for the flight to Panama.

About 8:15am the UAL Pet Care folks took me to the George Bush International Airport gate E23. I was nervous as a pregnant nun in church, what is going to happen next. My crate was placed on a conveyor belt and I was loaded into the cargo area of the airplane. I didn't know where the peeps were but I didn't think they had abandoned me. After a little while the plane started to move, my crate rattled a little bit and it was very dark, I started getting really nervous. I heard a loud noise like a huge car engine, whirring sounds, and felt vibrations and then everything became very smooth and the noise wasn't as loud. I fell asleep for about three hours until the plane bumped up and down a little bit and then I became a little concerned and wished the peeps where there with me. They told me they would be near by but I couldn't see them so I settled back down on my bed. I thought I might wet my bed but I held on.

Finally after about four hours of darkness, unfamiliar sounds and bumps I felt the plane slowing down and finally stop. A door opened and two people started moving my crate down a conveyer belt and out of the plane. Dawg, it was great to see daylight and did I have to pee. My bladder was almost ready to burst. However, the door to my crate was locked and I couldn't get out until I visited the vet at the immigration office. They had to check my papers, look me over and then hand me over to the peeps. I started barking as soon as I got off the plane hoping someone would let me out and find my peeps. I'll bet people all over the airport could hear my barks for help and relief. Finally, I saw Kryss, she was getting bags off a conveyor belt and then I saw Bob, he was getting two carts for the luggage. I started barking like crazy, they had to see me to get me out of the crate, I really had to pee and I didn't want to wet my bed.

Kryss came over to my crate, I had been taken to the vet's office for my check up but they still wouldn't let her open the crate so I could pee. I was barking like crazy, mom had tears in her eyes and dad was with the vet finishing all my paper work. Finally, we cleared customs. Kryss pushed my crate out of the secure area and Bob unlocked my door. Kryss took me outside and I pissed like a racehorse on a flat rock. What a relief. Then I pooped! I was really more stressed that I let on, I was a little confused, didn't feel like jumping around and just wanted to stick close to my peeps. They brought me some water which really helped. Eventually, our car showed up and we headed for Coronado. I sat on Kryss's lap all the way to Coronado even though I could have had my own seat.

Yesterday was my first day at the beach. The peeps had to unpack, clean, and organize the new place so we didn't get out for a day. I was content to sleep and enjoy the ocean breezes. When we started walking the beach I went nuts. I remember the water and sand from Oregon, Texas and Oklahoma. The peeps let me run up and down the strand and then they took me to a tide pool area and I splashed, shook, and played in the water. It was so cool and comforting. I think I'm going to like it here.IMG_9557e_edited-1.jpgIMG_9565e_edited-1.jpg

This is my last blog, from now on I'm going to let the peeps keep you informed of my doings and their activities. Thank you for being a faithful reader. Happy Tales to you, Love Tashi.

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I know you are ALL glad that is over! I know it was hard on all of you. Glad you are there safe and sound. Miss you guys!

by Kate

Glad you made it to Panama I have truly enjoyed Tashi's Tales. Hope you can relax and have some peace for a while. Enjoy

by Margie

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