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Good morning Tale readers. Please excuse the delay in my postings. We've been in places that have had very poor or no internet service, thus the delay.

IMG_7947e_edited-1.jpgThe Fourth of July in Carbondale, CO was a lot of fun. There was a parade with lots of kids, dogs, fire trucks, flags and some people dressed very unusually. IMG_7941e.jpgWhen the parade ended everyone went to the city park for ice cream and tacos, however "they" wouldn't let dogs in the park. All of us canines and assorted other pets had to hang around outside the park and sniff each other. Bob stayed with me while Kryss went into the park with the Hansen's. I made some new friends including a miniature pony and a Newfoundland. Eventually, Kryss came out of the park with ice cream for Bob and we went back into Carbondale for some lunch.

We headed back to Denver for a few days, staying with Jack and Kate again. I really hope they don't get tired of us because I like it there. While we were in Denver the peeps saw their friends Paul and Susie. The four of them went to dinner one night in downtown Denver, they didn't take me which was ok because Jack and Kate spoiled me. While the peeps were at dinner another couple met them, Steve and Julie. 20140707_210746e-copy.jpgThey are from England, but know the peeps from Panama. From the report I heard the six of them had a great time. I think the six of them are going to get together in Panama for some cervesas.

We had Denver in the rearview mirror a day later, heading due east into Kansas. I was too early for sunflowers and the drive was boring. A straight, up and down, road across the farmlands, but we turned south to Wichita, the last stop before going to Grove, OK. The peeps were looking forward to their visit in Grove because that is were Kryss's brother Karl lives and Kate and Jack were flying down to meet all of us for a long weekend at the Grand Lake of the Cherokee's. Let the party begin! Karl has a new woman in his life, Donna, and doggone she a real beauty. I liked her right away. They are getting married in a few months but we won't be there because we have to be an other family wedding in Montana...that's a real bad dog bone.

IMG_7963e_edited-2.jpgThe first night we were in Grove we went for a sunset cruise on Grand Lake in Karl's way cool boat. It was a beautiful night, the water was smooth which was good for me because I was still getting my water legs. We cruised for a couple of hours, the peeps had a few adult beverages and snacks and then we headed for the boat slip, with a promise to do it again tomorrow.

The next morning the coolers were packed with beer, wine, ice, water, home made sandwiches and my water dish. I kept hearing the peeps talking about taking me swimming in the lake but I've only stuck my paws into the ocean, a couple of pools and a stream. Swimming was a new term for me. All the foodstuffs and gear was loaded on the boat and we headed out to the lake. Grand Lake is in four different Oklahoma counties, running north and south and is fed by three rivers and numerous streams. There are houses of all types and sizes along the shoreline and the peeps were talking about checking out a few of the ones that were for sale. After cruising for about an hour, Karl cut the engines and we just drifted with the current.IMG_8201e.jpg Pretty soon the big swim raft was in the water and the peeps (all of them) started getting wet. I stood with my front paws on the sidewalls looking at them in the water...time to get in. Bob got me and handed me to Kryss and we sat on the swim raft for a few minutes while water splash on my paws, butt and belly. Then Karl gave me a helping hand and I went swimming. Wow, what a surprise, I could swim and didn't even know it. I dog paddled around for just a few seconds and then got back on the swim raft. The experience was a little surprising. Bob has pictures of me looking like a wet rat, I hope those don't get published. Eventually, I was lifted back onto the boat and I dried off with the sun, a few good shakes and rubbing up and down on the boat's carpet. We spent the rest of the day cruising the lake and then headed in for dinner.

For the next couple of days we cruised the lake, waved at other boaters, slipped in and out of the various marinas showing off Karl's boat. He wants to sell it, it is kind of a collectors item, so the more people that see it the better chance he has of selling it. There were only five of these boats built and to the best Karl's knowledge he has the only remaining one. IMG_3758_5..mapped-copy.jpg

After three days of boating the peeps decided to take a day off, just when I was getting my lake legs. They drove around different areas of the lakeshore looking at homes for sale and all the touristy things to do in Grove. I didn't see a dog park but I really wasn't looking that hard. Since we weren't going to be able to attend Donna and Karl's wedding the peeps decided to have a practice wedding. Kryss was the wedding official, Jack played the guitar and sang with Karl, Kate was the videographer and Bob took photographs. Karl and Donna looked great.IMG_8124e_edited-2.jpgIMG_8149e_edited-1.jpgIMG_8162e_edited-1.jpgIMG_8179e_edited-1.jpg After it was over, celebration cocktails were had by all the peeps, I got a new bully.

The next day Donna, Jack and Kate left so the peeps and I went looking around the area again. We found some houses with potential but nothing that knocked my paws off. After that it was time to pack, we were heading to Seymour, Indiana the next day to see Nate, Molly, Brody, Evan and Tate, (son, daughter in law, three grandsons). I spent the rest of day laying around Karl's house watching the peeps doing laundry, packing and cleaning out the car. Getting ready for another day or two on the road.

We made Seymour without any issues. There's a lot going on here, but more about that in the next posting. Love and licks to everyone, happy tales to you.

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