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Good morning Tale readers. Please excuse the delay in my postings. We've been in places that have had very poor or no internet service, thus the delay.

IMG_7947e_edited-1.jpgThe Fourth of July in Carbondale, CO was a lot of fun. There was a parade with lots of kids, dogs, fire trucks, flags and some people dressed very unusually. IMG_7941e.jpgWhen the parade ended everyone went to the city park for ice cream and tacos, however "they" wouldn't let dogs in the park. All of us canines and assorted other pets had to hang around outside the park and sniff each other. Bob stayed with me while Kryss went into the park with the Hansen's. I made some new friends including a miniature pony and a Newfoundland. Eventually, Kryss came out of the park with ice cream for Bob and we went back into Carbondale for some lunch.

We headed back to Denver for a few days, staying with Jack and Kate again. I really hope they don't get tired of us because I like it there. While we were in Denver the peeps saw their friends Paul and Susie. The four of them went to dinner one night in downtown Denver, they didn't take me which was ok because Jack and Kate spoiled me. While the peeps were at dinner another couple met them, Steve and Julie. 20140707_210746e-copy.jpgThey are from England, but know the peeps from Panama. From the report I heard the six of them had a great time. I think the six of them are going to get together in Panama for some cervesas.

We had Denver in the rearview mirror a day later, heading due east into Kansas. I was too early for sunflowers and the drive was boring. A straight, up and down, road across the farmlands, but we turned south to Wichita, the last stop before going to Grove, OK. The peeps were looking forward to their visit in Grove because that is were Kryss's brother Karl lives and Kate and Jack were flying down to meet all of us for a long weekend at the Grand Lake of the Cherokee's. Let the party begin! Karl has a new woman in his life, Donna, and doggone she a real beauty. I liked her right away. They are getting married in a few months but we won't be there because we have to be an other family wedding in Montana...that's a real bad dog bone.

IMG_7963e_edited-2.jpgThe first night we were in Grove we went for a sunset cruise on Grand Lake in Karl's way cool boat. It was a beautiful night, the water was smooth which was good for me because I was still getting my water legs. We cruised for a couple of hours, the peeps had a few adult beverages and snacks and then we headed for the boat slip, with a promise to do it again tomorrow.

The next morning the coolers were packed with beer, wine, ice, water, home made sandwiches and my water dish. I kept hearing the peeps talking about taking me swimming in the lake but I've only stuck my paws into the ocean, a couple of pools and a stream. Swimming was a new term for me. All the foodstuffs and gear was loaded on the boat and we headed out to the lake. Grand Lake is in four different Oklahoma counties, running north and south and is fed by three rivers and numerous streams. There are houses of all types and sizes along the shoreline and the peeps were talking about checking out a few of the ones that were for sale. After cruising for about an hour, Karl cut the engines and we just drifted with the current.IMG_8201e.jpg Pretty soon the big swim raft was in the water and the peeps (all of them) started getting wet. I stood with my front paws on the sidewalls looking at them in the water...time to get in. Bob got me and handed me to Kryss and we sat on the swim raft for a few minutes while water splash on my paws, butt and belly. Then Karl gave me a helping hand and I went swimming. Wow, what a surprise, I could swim and didn't even know it. I dog paddled around for just a few seconds and then got back on the swim raft. The experience was a little surprising. Bob has pictures of me looking like a wet rat, I hope those don't get published. Eventually, I was lifted back onto the boat and I dried off with the sun, a few good shakes and rubbing up and down on the boat's carpet. We spent the rest of the day cruising the lake and then headed in for dinner.

For the next couple of days we cruised the lake, waved at other boaters, slipped in and out of the various marinas showing off Karl's boat. He wants to sell it, it is kind of a collectors item, so the more people that see it the better chance he has of selling it. There were only five of these boats built and to the best Karl's knowledge he has the only remaining one. IMG_3758_5..mapped-copy.jpg

After three days of boating the peeps decided to take a day off, just when I was getting my lake legs. They drove around different areas of the lakeshore looking at homes for sale and all the touristy things to do in Grove. I didn't see a dog park but I really wasn't looking that hard. Since we weren't going to be able to attend Donna and Karl's wedding the peeps decided to have a practice wedding. Kryss was the wedding official, Jack played the guitar and sang with Karl, Kate was the videographer and Bob took photographs. Karl and Donna looked great.IMG_8124e_edited-2.jpgIMG_8149e_edited-1.jpgIMG_8162e_edited-1.jpgIMG_8179e_edited-1.jpg After it was over, celebration cocktails were had by all the peeps, I got a new bully.

The next day Donna, Jack and Kate left so the peeps and I went looking around the area again. We found some houses with potential but nothing that knocked my paws off. After that it was time to pack, we were heading to Seymour, Indiana the next day to see Nate, Molly, Brody, Evan and Tate, (son, daughter in law, three grandsons). I spent the rest of day laying around Karl's house watching the peeps doing laundry, packing and cleaning out the car. Getting ready for another day or two on the road.

We made Seymour without any issues. There's a lot going on here, but more about that in the next posting. Love and licks to everyone, happy tales to you.

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Good Behavior

Working our way back to Colorado

sunny 100 °F

As we pulled out of San Rafael, CA I kept wondering about Rob and Leah's cat, I never saw it. There were dishes on the floor with cat food and water plus some toys with catnip, but I never saw the cat. I'm still not sure what is a cat, but eventually I'll find out. I sat on Kryss's lap for the first hour or so of freeway driving, but it became so boring I jumped into my bed on the back seat a slept.

We spent the night in Los Angeles, CA and had dinner with friends, Luke and Britta. They're dog lovers so my evening was great. The peeps had a fantastic Italian meal. I had my training vest on and was on my best behavior. I was very quiet, laying at my peeps feet while they had dinner and discussed the state of the world with their friends.

The next morning we headed to Lake Havasu, AZ. In the local Native American Indian language Havasu means "Blue Water". IMG_7840e_1_2_tonemapped.jpgThey were right about that, the Colorado River and Lake Havasu had blue water. We stayed in a hotel right at the water's edge, the boats, wake boarders, paddle boarders and kayakers were floating right past our room. From our room we could also see the London Bridge, it connected the town to the island at Lake Havasu. The bridge was bought by a wealthy businessman from the city of London, England and piece by piece transported and rebuilt in Lake Havasu.IMG_7824e_5_6_tonemapped.jpg The peeps looked at a few homes in Lake Havasu but decided that it wasn't for them. Great spot for a vacation but not to live. We took a sunset cruise around the lake and on the Colorado River. My first boat trip, I stood on the bow and let the wind blow my ears back and ruffle my curls, it was a blast!IMG_7880e_edited-1.jpg

We left Lake Havasu after three days and headed to the metro Phoenix area. Made a stop in Surprise for Kryss's birthday, she got a blank check (whatever that means) to her favorite clothing store and Bob visited the Antigua outlet store. They both were very happy with the results. We left Surprise and went to Cave Creek, AZ to visit Mark and Cindy, old friends. I had met them when I was only six months old, they were really surprised at how much I'd grown. They liked me soooo much that by the time we were leaving they were talking about adopting one of my brothers or sisters.

We drove back to Grand Junction, CO for a few appointments and meetings that the peeps had then off to Carbondale, CO for the 4th of July. I'm going to walk in a parade and strut my independence. Enjoy the Fourth of July and happy tales to you.

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Headin' out to San Francisco...

really it's San Rafael

sunny 78 °F

I started picking up those strange vibrations again, the peeps were packing up their duffle bags and arranging their travel boxes. However, they were just straightening up the hotel room. They wanted to drive to Agness, Oregon and enjoy the scenic Rogue River valley. You know me, I'm ready for any trip in the car just as long as I'm with my peeps.

The trip to Agness, OR was on a very curvy road thru a dense forest. Even though it followed the Rogue River the trees were so thick only on rare occasions could you see the river. I think Bob was a little disappointed in the drive since he didn't find many photographic sites. Once we arrived in Agness I was out of the car like a bullet, the car ride had stirred up my bladder and I needed to find a tree. Kryss could hardly control me. Bob had a similar issue and the one of the locals pointed out the public facilities to him. I think my tree was a better deal. IMG_20140617_124225_903.jpg

The trip back to Gold Beach was more interesting. We stopped at Cougar Landing Lodge and Restaurant for lunch. They specialize in bar-b-que and we were all concerned if they would having anything on menu that Kryss would like. She's a veggiebaconeater and is very selective regarding her diet. Whoa, were we surprised, she had the best veggie burger she had ever had. It wasn't one of those freeze dried pieces of who-knows-what, sold by the food wholesalers, it was a delicious homemade veggie burger made with black beans, quinoa and some other healthy stuff. Then it was layered with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles. It makes me hungry just writing about it. Oh yeah, Bob had a brisket sandwich with cold slaw and he was happy too.

We spotted a couple of osprey nests along the way back to Gold Beach and stopped to photograph the birds. There was at least one baby in the nest and the parents were busy flying around getting food and adding twigs and branches to the nest. Bob got some cool shots. Sometimes I wonder if those big birds would swoop down and try to get me. One of the osprey had snagged a lamprey eel from the river and was having fresh sushi while the other was busy looking after the baby.IMG_7671e_edited-1.jpgIMG_7561e_edited-2.jpg

When we got back to the hotel Kryss and I took a walk/run on the beach. It was a blast, I really love the freedom of running on the beach plus there is so much to see, to smell and to watch. I think I would like to live all the time on a beach. This beach has a very cool lighthouse but it isn't in use. Visitors to the lighthouse leave painted rocks at the base of the building which adds to the local lore and traditions. I didn't have any paints so I couldn't leave a rock but I left my scent for future reference. IMG_7701e_..ed_edited-1.jpg

The next day the peeps started loading the car, Bob was singing "Heading out to San Francisco". I couldn't figure out what having your hush puppies on was all about. I haven't met any hush puppies and sometimes people call me a cute puppy but one of these days I'll get it. We're really going to San Rafael, CA which is in the San Francisco area, I just think Bob likes that song. The Hislop's, Rob and Leah, (son and daughter-in-law) live there with their cat, Nyquist. What is a cat? I've been advised to leave the cat alone, he's all black, seventeen years old and very set in his ways.

We drove along the Oregon and California coast on highway 101, very scenic. Lots of beautiful coastline and large redwood trees. A dog's delight. The trip took about seven hours and when we got to San Rafael we were ready to relax. The peeps unloaded the car, I went in search of the cat. To no avail, Nyquist must be a stealth cat. According to Rob, the cat hides under the bed, in a special closet and sometimes buried under the covers in a bed. I will keep searching, I really want to meet this cat.

The peeps mail was waiting for them at Rob and Leah's home. Kryss's sister Kate was forwarding their mail each week, nothing very exciting but there was a box from one of Bob's buddy's. Opening the box, Bob was surprised by the gift, it was a new baseball hat and three miniatures of Famous Grouse, Bob's favorite Scotch. IMG_20140621_095511_115e.jpg What a cool gift. Bob's friend had been in Scotland last month and bought it for him as a surprise gift. Thanks to PTB-T.

Rob and Leah Hislop have a new home in San Rafael which they are very excited about. They like it so much they are already planning various remodels to the master bedroom, bath, and patio. The house was built in the 1970's and an engineer/architect have been working with them on this project. Maybe the next time we come back it will all be finished.

We went on a hike yesterday, out to Marin Point. It was a military base but now it is a national recreation area run by the NPS. It was cold and windy on the hike but we had a cool foggy view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Bob even got a picture of Rob and Leah for the trip album. IMG_7763e_edited-1.jpgAfter the hike the peeps went to a wine and art show in a nearby town. I was left at home because they didn't know the dog rules for the town but afterward said I could have gone. Sometimes the peeps forget that dogs rule!

The peeps are packing and doing laundry again. I wonder what's up...are we hitting the road again and where's that cat? Happy Tales to you.

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On the Oregon Trail

Heading West

overcast 64 °F

Good morning tale followers and Happy Father's Day to everyone. This has been a real interesting week my paranoia went crazy, I'm learning a new language, visited Bob's hometown and I played in the ocean. Let me fill you in on this week's adventure.

I knew something was going on because last Sunday my peeps started doing laundry, rearranging clothes and packing duffle bags. Bob said he needed to pack like living on a submarine (whatever that is) and Kryss agreed with him. When they start this packing routine I always get paranoid that I'm going to be left behind. A couple of times the previous week I was left with Kate for the day, but I was worried I'd be left again when they loaded the car. I decided to stay close to them and keep an eye on my bed. I knew that I would be wherever my bed was placed.

The peeps got all their stuff together but didn't put it in the car. My bed stayed where it was and later in the day we went on a hike at Red Tail Hawk Park in Aurora, CO. Bob was looking for red tail hawks to photograph but we didn't see any. I didn't care, being out for a walk with my peeps, to sniff and look around was fun in my book. When we got home Jack and Kate were back from their weekend camping trip so the rest of the day for the peeps was spent sitting on the deck enjoying the sunset, having a few adult beverages and then having dinner. I checked out my bed, it was still in the same place, then I went on the deck to watch for deer, bunnies, prairie dogs and other critters that roam around Kate and Jack's place.IMG_7072e.jpg

The next day the peeps told me that we were going to Boulder, CO to see Bob's mom and dad. In my mind, my peeps are now my mom and dad and sometimes I call them that, I thought it was going to be very cool to meet Bob's mom and dad. As we drove into and thru Boulder I could see why the peeps like coming to there. The Flatirons were interesting rock formations popping out of the ground,IMG_1554_copy.jpg the campus of the University of Colorado was picturesque, and the snow capped peaks of the front range were beautiful.IMG_7101_2..d_edited-1e.jpg We had lunch at Chautauqua at the base of the Flatirons and then drove up Flagstaff Mountain. The peeps told me that they were married on Flagstaff Mountain at the half way house that overlooked the city of Boulder. When we got to the top of Flagstaff we parked at the Boulder overlook and got out of the car. Then the peeps pointed out Bob's mom and dad, they were three young pine trees about six feet tall surrounded by much larger trees. Bob told me that his parents were cremated and their ashes were spread where the three young trees were growing. He said that one Thanksgiving his family had a celebration of life and spread the ashes on the mountain. When they returned to the area a couple years later young saplings were growing in the mountain grass. Each year the peeps return to visit mom and dad. They also said the third tree was their cat who had also died and was cremated. What's a cat? The peeps said that this was life creating more life. IMG_7086_edited-1e.jpg IMG_7092e_edited-1.jpg

The next day Bob was up early, putting boxes and duffle bags in the car. He was packing the car very precisely everything had it's place. Where was my bed going to go, my paranoia was ramping up. He put in the cooler, camera gear, mom's laptop on the front seat but my bed wasn't in the mix. Then Kryss came to the door carrying my bed, she laid it on the floor and I jumped in it. I was going where my bed was going. Dad put a couple hanging bags in car and then said to me, "get out of your bed, I've got to put it in the car, you're going with us." Those were the happiest words I'd heard in three days. We left a little bit later after saying goodbye to Kate and thanking her for putting up with us for ten days.

We were going to Oregon via Wyoming and Nevada. The peeps said they didn't plan to stop in Wyoming or Nevada except to spend the night. Everything there looked the same and from my perch in the car I would agree with the peeps, wide open spaces with little in between the various towns. As we rolled down the interstate we listened to SirusXM Satellite Radio or to CDs. Whenever Jimmy Buffet or Van Morrison would come on singing "Brown Eyed Girl", Bob would start singing to us..."we're his brown eyed girls", it was so cool. Also, the peeps are doing some pre-Panama preparation and listening to Spanish CD's. They want to be able to communicate better in Panama. So for ninety minutes each day we habla espanol..

When we finally arrived in Gold Beach, OR everyone had fanny fatigue. However, there was no time to whine about sore backs or tried butts, the Hills, Alissa, Casey and Ruby (daughter, son in law, granddaughter) were already there.IMG_7323e.jpg They live in Talent, OR but mom thought that it would be more fun to meet at Gold Beach, so that is what we did. We unpacked and immediately went to beach, everyone but Ruby and me were wrapped in sweatshirts and jackets.IMG_7127_editede-1.jpg Ruby and I were ready to swim in the ocean, but I'd never done that before so I was a little skittish. Finally, I got my feet wet but the waves are still a little bit unnerving.IMG_7121e_edited-1.jpg I loved playing with Ruby, she would give me treats, run with me and be my buddy when we were at the hotel. Ruby loves to photobomb pictures. You can just image a happy seven year old girl photobombing Bob's photos, that was so much fun to watch.IMG_7328e.jpg

One afternoon we all drove down to Pistol River Beach after a huge brunch in Gold Beach. The American Windsurfing Tour/Championships were being held at Pistol River and we wanted to watch these daring competitors. They would ride on a surfboard with a sail attached over these rough waves and try to do tricks and maneuvers. The competitors put on a very interesting show, dad got some cool pictures and I got to run up and down the beach with Ruby. IMG_7274_edited-1e.jpg IMG_7306_edited-1e.jpg That night was the first evening were we could see the sunset. The previous nights had been cloudy, misty and sometimes rainy. This is the view from our hotel room.IMG_7368_6.._tonemapped.jpg

The Hill's had to go home the next day and there were tears flowing. Ruby didn't want to leave, she wanted to stay at the beach with the peeps and me, after a few more hugs and tears they headed home. I was sad but I'll see them again.

Today is Father's Day and the peeps are laying low. I think they are pooped peeps from the long drive getting here, hanging with the Hill's and now they get a day to themselves. I think I'll sleep most of the day. We're going to hang here until Thursday then off to San Francisco to see Rob and Leah Hislop....more fun. Happy Tales to you.

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Family, Friends & Fun

Starting the great adventure

semi-overcast 70 °F

As you may already know Bob and Kryss sold their house in Fruita, put a lot of stuff in storage, sold some stuff and gave some stuff to their kids. What they didn't do was storage, sell or give me away. I'm riding high on this trip, my favorite place to ride is standing on the console between Bob and Kryss or laying on Kryss's lap. They have a nice bed for me in the back but most of the time I like to see the world thru the windshield.

As we were leaving Fruita and putting the final items in the storage unit Bob realized that he had left his keys at the old house. Kryss called the new owners and they found the keys right where they had been left, on the master bathroom countertop. The peeps and I finally headed to Aurora, CO to spend a few days with Kryss's sister Kate and her husband Jack. Bob calls them SIL & BIL, figure that one out.

Jack and Kate had adult beverages waiting for the peeps when we arrived in Aurora and they let me jump all over them much to the peeps distress, but I really love seeing Jack and Kate. There was a big ol' pull pork bbq dinner, lots of family and friends, a big fire and four other dogs for me to play with.IMG_6614e.jpg I ran all over the yard and contemplated jumping in the water feature, but Bob wouldn't let me. He said I had to stay clean because the next day was going to be a big surprise for me. Big surprise or not, I slept like a rock that night. The blur of the past few weeks had taken it's toll and I was exhausted, so were the peeps. We all slept in.

After breakfast, a Bloody Mary and saying good bye to the Hansen's (daughter, son-in-law, grandkids)IMG_6629_edited-2e.jpg the peeps loaded me in the car and told me that today's big surprise was that I was going to meet my brother, really he's my half brother (different mom) but he's still my brother. Little Red was the father for both of us. Oh dawg, was that fun. His name is Saint and he's just five months old but we had a blast. Saint's peeps have a really cool back yard where we played, chased, wrestled and panted. Saint's peeps are New Orleans Saints fans so that's where he got his name. We stayed there all afternoon; the peeps enjoyed a fine bottle of zinfandel with cheese and crackers while my brother and I really got to know each other...it was awesome. It was a great surprise! IMG_6735eedited-2.jpg IMG_6790e.jpg IMG_6801e.jpg

The peeps usually take me along on their daily adventures but for a couple of days I had to stay home with Kate. They had things to do in downtown Denver and said that it would be difficult to take me along. So, I stayed home with Kate. She was so good, she let me sleep all day, I think I was still exhausted from the family bbq and playing with my brother.

I stayed home alone one night while the peeps went to a Colorado Rockies baseball game against the Arizona Diamondbacks. No one seemed to care that the home team lost, mostly they talked about the nice weather at the game and a couple of cool pictures Bob had taken. I don't really know anything about baseball, but when I hear the word "ball", put me in coach I'm ready to play. IMG_6954_edited-2e.jpg IMG_6927_edited-2e.jpg

The peeps are starting to get organized for the next leg of our country tour. We're going to Gold Beach, Oregon. Bob says it's about a 2.5 days drive from here. I'm hearing that we are going to drive across Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada to get to Oregon. These names are strange to me but I know I'll find out what they mean in the near future. Thanks for reading my blog and happy tales to you.

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